What a cool surprise for the Department of Sanitation: A DOS cap that is officially licensed by the city is a big hit with consumers. The DOS Patch Cap, which sells for $14.99, has a frayed and weathered brim - hello, hipster market!

The licensing VP of NYC Marketing Lloyd Haymes told the AP, "There's a chance to make it this underground style brand, kind of like, 'You don't know how cool Sanitation is, but I do.'" Well, maybe people outside NYC need to know how cool the DOS is - it might be our favorite city agency. And even though there are "Clanging Cans" and "Dumps Like a Truck" shirts, we'd really like one with san men slang, like "mongo" and "urban whitefish." Well, that probably wouldn't make it through the city. Maybe someone can make it for Threadless?

And if you see DOS employees picking up the trash, say thank you - they don't hear it often enough.

Photograph of the DOS patch cap by Richard Drew/AP