Last night The Strokes (remember them?) played their hometown of New York City for the first time in four years... but you weren't invited. Amongst the people who were invited were Christina Hendricks, Jennifer Lopez, and the cast of Gossip Girl. The A-list attendees got to hear eight songs by the band, who were playing at Tommy Hilfiger's 25th anniversary bash at the Metropolitan Opera house. An excited Neil Patrick Harris was also there, and tweeted, "After party at the frigging metropolitan opera! Watching the Strokes perform. In the lobby! Unreal.”

According to NYMag, singer Julian Casablancas addressed the audience, saying, "What is up? It's been my dream since I was a little boy to play the Metropolitan Opera." The Modern Age has a rundown of all you need to know, including their set list, which you can find below along with a video from the performance.


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