Years ago Courtney Love performed at the top of The Standard High Line for New Year's Eve, and since then the hotel has brought acts to the top floor to ring in every new year. And they have just informed us that this year's act is Icona Pop, who you know from that song you were listening to a lot earlier this year. You know, the one that was in Girls?

In order to watch the Swedish duo perform in the intimate setting you'll need... money. You'll basically just need money. It costs $250 per person for standing room only, and if you want to sit down that'll be $750 per person please (update: put your stack of money away, that option is sold out now). You'll also need to buy some nice threads, as it's black tie only. OR you can just stand around in Le Bain for 50 bucks.

Or you can try to for a miracle for the ultimate New Year's Eve experience.