2006_11_ssn2bloom2.jpgWhile they mark the holiday shopping season, does anyone even notice department store window displays anymore? In front of both Lord & Taylor and Saks, there were velvet ropes positioned for lines, and security present for 'crowd control'...but it seemed as if very few had even a passing interest in the windows.

Take a look at Lord & Taylor (pictured above), for instance. Please keep those rosy cheeked youths and sweat suited tourists back!

Even though we feel a bit 'Scroogy' about the holiday windows, we can still muster up something nice to say about each and everyone. Behold Gothamist's 'SSN Awards' or 'Say Something Nice' awards for New York's major department store holiday displays.

The SSN Award for 'Most Inclusive' display goes hands down to Bloomindales. In addition to including almost every European country in their 'World Celebrates' heralding of Santa like gift givers, it also included Hanukkah and the ever elusive Kwanzaa:



The next SSN award goes to Macy's for their 'O Christmas Tree' themed display:


Cute. We'd give Macy's display the SSN award for the closest modern depiction of Falkor. Thanks, Macy's, for making sure The Neverending Story never ends.

Lord & Taylor's six 'Postcard' Inspired windows were pretty plain toast, no jelly no jam:



The detail was actually quite inspiring. So, why not? THe SSN award for 'Attention to Details' goes to Lord & Taylor.

Lastly, Saks 5th Avenue had a 'snowflake' theme.


Saks, however, kept it real. Sure, in theory, the holidays are about myth, fantasy, and carroling. In practice, however, the holidays are about all American consumerism. Saks made no bones about placing the snowflakes in the background and showcasing the show stoppers with pretty, pricey clothes!


So, the SSN award for "Keeping it Real" goes to Saks Fifth Avenue. They're charmed, we're sure.

Check them out if you wish. Or don't.