Have you ever been annoyed by the existence of one Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi? Well, now she's been officially charged with "annoying others." For real! According to the NY Post, the Jersey Shore star was charged yesterday on three counts: disorderly conduct, public nuisance, and annoying others on the beach. This is all tied to her July 30th arrest, which was made during some sort of drinking binge in Seaside Heights.

Her trial is set for September 8th, and municipal prosecutor Kim Pascarella said, "We added the additional charge after looking at all the information" (her antics that day were well documented with photos and video all over the internet, she also had MTV cameras filming her). As a sad sidenote, the courthouse was filled with 400 Snooki fans yesterday (though she never showed)—one told NJ.com, "Is Snooki going to be here? Oh, that's going to be hot!"

Snooki now faces fines totaling $4,500, but will receive no jail time. Perhaps she should sell her designer handbags to pay for it; allegedly bag makers have been sending her their competition's product so she gives them a bad name!