Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino stands to earn about $5MM this year, or as we like to think of it: $833K per pack of his six-pack abs. And yes, it's unfair.

A source familiar with the 29-year-old Jersey Shore star's finances told The Hollywood Reporter about his earnings, and his manager told the site, "We are really excited about all the opportunities coming Mike's way. He has been able to secure many endorsement deals, business opportunities and additional television offers based on the success of the show. Our goal has always been to try to build a brand if the situation presented itself."

His launching pad has been the MTV reality show, of course, but he's only been taking in around $10K to $30K per episode so far—next season, however, that number will jump to $60K. His appearance fees at events can get him up to $50K, and the site notes that "the New York native also has developed several products based on his much-touted six-pack: an abs-focused fitness video, The Situation Workout, and a chewable supplement line distributed in association with GNC."

It gets more horrifying! Sorrentino has allegedly taken a six-figure-deal with Gotham Books and will be writing an autobiography called Here's the Situation! And watch out Ed Hardy, this kid's also starting his own fashion line. It's The Situation's world now, we just live in it.