That's current-day Marc in the right image, to the left of Mike

Apparently Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino isn't the only one that has a special way with the ladies; his 31-year-old brother Marc has now been served with a misdemeanor complaint after allegedly punching a girl in the stomach. According to the Daily News, Marc was partying with his Jersey Shore brother at a club in Manhattan on October 20th, where he met a woman and convinced her to come all the way back to his Howell, NJ home.

Sources say she willingly rode off in a limo with both brothers, and she claims once she was back at Marc's, things went downhill and she got punched in the stomach. Want to win over the ladies Sorrentino-style? The Situation is giving dating advice in his new book. Also, how amazing is that old school Sorrentino family photo? Ribbed turtlenecks, man boobs, it's got it all.