Last night The Simpsons went deep into hipsterfication, essentially transforming the show into a 22-minute animated New York Times trend piece. In this episode the hipsters flock to Springfield, where they even embrace Flanders, saying: "I like him... he talks in rhyme and owns a whimsical store in a failing mall... he's like the dad in a Wes Anderson movie."

Also featured are artisanal doughnuts, monoyards, Dwell magazine call-outs, Marge discovering The Onion, Hipster Homer, factory parties, breastfeeding controversy, DIY gift giving, midnight bike rides, humblebragging, composting, The Decemberists, and familiar voices like Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, and Patton Oswalt. But the best part is when Springfield lands on the cover of the New York Times travel section as "America's Coolest City," which of course means "Springfield is played out." Even the paper's David Itzkoff took note, Tweeting: "OMG, @TheSimpsons has heard of the New York Times!"