Paris and Nicole


breaks its review of the Paris Hilton-Nicole Richie reality show, The Simple Life, which has been getting positive critical buzz:

It also helps enormously that Hilton and Richie (the "notorious" daughter, per the intro, of Lionel Richie) provide their own hilarious dialogue, saying things like "What does 'generic' mean?" and pondering what happens at Wal-Mart. In the don't-know-much-about dept., the pair give fellow reality pinatas Jessica Simpson and Anna Nicole Smith a run for their money...
[Farm owner] Albert's rules present a special hardship to potty-mouthed Nicole, while Hilton's wardrobe appears to run afoul not only of community mores but Fox standards (who knew?).
At one point, the producers go to the trouble of blurring her butt crack in post-production -- escaping as it is from low-hanging jeans. Though she has never worked a day in her life, this suggests some vocational potential as a refrigerator repairman.

Additionally, reviewer Brian Lowry adds a "critical aside" on the sex tape: "While it's easy to admire the hand-held camerawork under difficult conditions and a modest budget, the night-vision photography is off-putting and obscures too much of the action." That's just what Jonno said on Fleshbot! And Extra ran a segment on the Simple Life yesterday. We can't wait for the show.