The city that never sleeps is about to get its nickname tested with these Counting Sheep set up in Times Square, ready to combat any late-night reveling. The sheep are 24-strong, and constructed out of paper, standing on 6” to 16” high platforms. The artist, Kyu Seok Oh, says, “A group of white paper sheep suddenly emerging from a corner of Times Square will create a contrast to the intimidating, chaotic atmosphere associated with that sleepless corner of the world. Soft, white, and standing together these sheep will invite the neon covered surrounding buildings and large excited crowds to relax, count sheep, and doze off a little.” These guys really should have made their debut yesterday, National Public Sleeping Day, but alas, today marks their official arrival.

They'll be sticking around through March 7th, as part of an outdoor installation put together by the Times Square Alliance and the West Harlem Art Fund to mark the start of Armory Week. Joining the sheep in Times Square are a bronze mouse (by Tom Otterness), a ceramic female, illuminated sea foam, and a piece constructed from cds; each sculpture is about 10-feet tall. We'll post more photos as we receive them.