Take a double-amputee beer baronness who wants to raise beer sales, two brothers who want the find the saddest music in the world, and the wild imagination of Guy Maddin and you have The Saddest Music in the World, a film directed by Maddin, that opens at the Landmark Sunshine Cinemas. As A.O. Scott says in his review, "Plot summary is hardly sufficient to evoke the splendors and surprises of this movie," Gothamist is intrigued at the idea of a trippy movie that evokes silent films and Busby Berkeley musicals based on a screenplay by Booker-prize winning novelist Kazuo Ishiguro (which was then adapted by Maddin and George Toles). Isabella Rosselli, Mark McKinney, and Maria de Madeiros star.

Tonight, Maddin will be at the 7:30PM screening for a Q&A. Maddin has also been contributing his shooting diary to the Village Voice over the past few weeks: "DAY FIVE Today I paid a scenic painter $2,000 not to sleep with the Polish soprano who's been singing in the lunchroom the last three days. I have absolutely no desire to sleep with her myself; I think I'm going crazy!" Here are weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Check out Maddin's previous films, Twillight of the Ice Nymphs, The Heart of the World, and Archangel.