In the new comedy Moone Boy, a Hulu Exclusive Series premiering July 10th, we have a protagonist in Martin Moone. Martin is a young boy trying to navigate life in his small Irish town with the help of an invisible adult friend played by co-creator Chris O'Dowd. We here in the United States don't necessarily know what it's like to grow up in such an Irish setting, but Martin's anxieties certainly span country lines, and there's one in particular that Irish blood can relate to anywhere: that sweet, summertime disappointment. Advertisement

Sigh. (Christoph Hetzmannseder/Getty Images)

Oh, summer, full of possibilities, full of friends having pivotal Stand By Me life experiences. And you? You get to be the dejected, pale kid everyone avoids at Long Beach because you lurk in the shade of an umbrella like a Twilight extra.

And maybe one day you get lucky and beat this kid Kieran at skee ball at a St. Francis fundraiser, so he invites you to his beach party—which you should go to, because he's sorta cool, you guess, and it would be good for your cred. You're not really that funny or even barely good looking, so every little bit helps. Of course, instead of listening to your mom, you attempt to go without sunscreen to impress the more olive-skinned kids of the bunch and spend the next week in agony as your skin peels off, one-inch strips at a time.

The saddest. The palest and the saddest. (The Infamous Gdub)

But you've definitely learned your lesson this time, just like you do every June, so when your basketball tournament rolls around a month later you slap on a little SPF before your team hits the court. You hope no one sees. It's that special balance of private acknowledgment and casual downplaying that shapes any good Irish kid's upbringing.

Pale kids—take this as fair warning: You may become a meme

Surprise! In your haste you did a terrible job smearing on that crap, and now you've got that stupid sunscreen handprint on your back for everyone to see. It's sort of okay, though, since at least it distracts from the growing number of horrible freckles on your shoulders. (They really are taking over your body these days.) Your older sisters assure you they're adorable, and they sort of are right now, but everyone knows you'll just grow up looking exactly like your weathered Uncle Shaun. You're not sure whether this is good or bad, but what you do know is that the man loves to tell "under the boardwalk" stories at Easter dinner.

This is a man who's seen some things. (Cuito Cuanavale)

Come September, you're over it. Every ridiculous sunburn has transformed you into the swarthy pirate you always knew you've been, even if your aunt does say it's more of an "alabaster" to "pale ivory" transformation. That battle-axe sure knows how to take you down a notch... But who cares? It's what's underneath that matters, right? And anyway, by January everyone will be as pale as the harvest moon and you'll all be on an even playing field, once again.

For another look back at some awkward childhood moments, catch the Hulu Exclusive Series Moone Boy, premiering July 10th only on Hulu. Check out Chris O'Dowd and up-and-comer David Rawle in the trailer below: