Diddy Runs; Photo - Bad Boy EntertainmentOur favorite music-fashion-food impressario whose name sounds like a children's toy, P.Diddy, reveals more about his process to run the [ING] NYC marathon in the NY Post in a running diary, Diddy-style. Our favorite parts of it:

- I'm avoiding alcohol and sex right now.
- [Fitness entrepreneur David Barton] kids with me when I haven't taken my workout seriously - bringing the cell phone, having two assistants on the phone the whole time.
- We're getting a little running craze going on in the hip-hop world. Jay-Z's been running. I can't say if Beyoncé's running - we haven't talked. But I think Jay-Z's up to five miles.

If anyone has seen Diddy, or Jay-Z or any other rapper running, please share. We think telltale signs of Diddy running would be an entourage, bling blazing, and some paparazzi.

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