2005_11_18_chicagoroof.jpgThere's a fun article in this weeks Villager on the growing trend of Green roofs coming to the New York, something our friends over in the Windy CIty know all about.

The concept behind a green roof is simple. Instead of having a black roof which attracts heat and does nothing for air quality developers and homeowners put a layer of foliage over their heads. The plants on the roof not only keep the air sweet but also keep the building temperatures stable, reducing bills in the long term. Why do Chicagoans know anything about this? Because it happens to be one of the pet projects of their second Mayor Daley. He installed the first municipal green roof in 2001 and by the New York TImes' count "in August that there were approximately 2 million square feet of green roofs already built or in the process of construction in Chicago."

That's nice, you say, but what about New York? What kind of green roofs have we got? Well, we have some green roofs around, but nothing like Chi-town. Silvercup studios just put one in, the new building for ABC No Rio is going to have one and the planned new building for the very cool Lower East Side Girls Club will have not one but two green roofs. We also remember hearing that the new Bank of America tower over by Bryant Park is going to have one (but we can't find where we read that, anyone?). So that's a start. Can anybody else think of any good green roofs in the city?

Some more info on green roofs.
Photograph of the Roof of Chicago's City Hall from Roofscapes.com.