The Rolling Stones under the Brooklyn Bridge, 1998. (via LIFE)

Last month The Rolling Stones announced that their 50th anniversary U.S. shows would be in... New Jersey, knocking down any rumors that they would play Barclays Center. Well, seems the old guys still have some surprises up their sleeves: they have just announced that they WILL play Barclays Center, after all. (Though still no word on a return to Forest Hills.) The show will take place on December 8th, with tickets going on sale November 19th at 10 a.m.

In a recent phone interview with the NY Times, Keith Richards discussed their longevity, saying the band is very disciplined:

"And a band that was once synonymous with a riotous volatility has become—despite all commercial, cultural and chemical odds—a symbol of stability. Members now describe the band with an unexpected word for the Rolling Stones: discipline. 'It requires quite a bit of discipline to be a Rolling Stone,' Mr. Richards said. 'Although it seems to be shambolic, it’s a very disciplined bunch.'"