So, Alex Kuczynski of the NY Times went to the Town Shop for this week's installment of her Critical Shopper column, and she found out what many Upper West Side women already knew: She was wearing the wrong size bra (was she bragging?) and the Town Shop rocks. When you walk outside, it sort of looks like an old lady underwear store, with only girdles, but they actually do have a wide selection of sensible as well as sexy underpinnings. Kuczynski even worked with Eyvette, a personal shopper there who we've worked with (she's awesome!), and found out how to eliminate back fat from bra straps, giving the store high marks. Gothamist would like to add that Brief Encounters is great, too - it's on Columbus at West 71st; overall, it's much smaller but has a beautiful selection and wonderful service, too. We also recommend Bratenders, on Ninth Avenue at 45th Street; they are appointment only, but they do the undergarments for Broadway musicals, so if you've got a fancy event or wedding, they'll have what you need.

The wrong bra-epidemic was illustrated in the Sex and the City episode, My Motherboard, My Self. Above all, finding a good bra requires you, a good saleswoman who knows her inventory, and absolutely no inhibitions. Also, apparently you need to let your bra rest for a day after wearing it - we learned that on the Today show this week! And do you know a good place to buy bras?