In his first week in office, President Trump has already moved to start building a Mexican border wall, promised a nonsensical investigation into non-existent voter fraud, readied an executive order barring refugees from Middle Eastern countries, watched a lot of TV, and expressed his confidence in the effectiveness of torture. It is more important than ever for news agencies to keep their eye on the ball and hold those in power accountable. But on the other hand, what's up with Tiffany Trump?!?

US Weekly made sure everyone knows where they stand on the Trumps by putting his children on the cover of their latest issue, ensuring themselves a place in collaborators hell. Look, they're giving Baron a noogie, what adorable goofballs! Don Jr. spent a year as an Aspen ski bum, what a nice thing to brag about! Donald once cheated to make sure he would beat 7-year-old Ivanka at a ski race, how relatable! But the biggest bombshell? Tiffany Trump is a member of the Rich Kids Of Instagram, and they are now using her to turn the White House into their personal Snapchat hellscape.

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In case you've blocked it from your mind, the Rich Kids Of Instagram are a loose collective of vapid flibbertigibbets who happen to be the filthy rich progeny of successful businesspeople, musicians, actors, politicians, etc. Having been afforded all of life's pleasures without having to do any of the work to get them, they spend their time un-self consciously promoting their various clothing lines and personal brands on Instagram, often to comically absurd effect.

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So poor Tiffany, who apparently barely knows her father and was often treated like an afterthought (compared to the other Trump kids) during the campaign, is now the lynchpin for the Rich Kids gang to get a foot in the White House door. The group "is going to make the White House their new locale. They’re ready to up their Instagram game big time," a source told US Weekly.

It seems Tiffany is friends with Andrew Warren (she pops up in a promo for his "Just Drew" clothing line in the video below), who you might remember as the main character of a particularly hilarious NY Times Style Section story last year. That story was a beautiful love letter to the Instagram-filtering, pajama-partying, method-acting 20-somethings just trying to hustle other rich people into buying their signature handkerchief silk charmeuse slip dresses while snapchatting scenes of their poor live-in housekeeper struggling to do household tasks. And now that crew of Millennial hangers-on can selfie their nights away in the Oval Office.

Anyway, even with all that, we still feel bad for Tiffany, whose anonymous "friend" gave US the saddest pull-quote: "When staying at a Trump hotel, [Tiffany's] careful not to go overboard on room service," the friend said. "I've heard her say, 'I'm lucky to have a room here!'" If this whole father/daughter thing doesn't work out, at least she can go back to one of the two states she's registered to vote in.