2006_05_milenagovich.jpgAha, the cast changes we've been wondering about: The Hollywood Reporter says Dennis Farina is leaving, while Conviction's Milena Govich will come on board. And since Govich played an ADA on the now-cancelled Conviction, she'll probably be playing an ADA on Law & Order. Lucky for her to get another season of work, but L&O will be on Friday nights at 10PM (GASP!), moving from Wednesdays at 10PM for the first time ever, so some people think NBC has moved there to die. Gothamist thinks au contraire as Law & Order SVU used to be on then (and we remember the good ol' Fridays when The X-Files was on at 9PM and then Homicide was on at 10PM). And maybe Govich's ADA character, Jessica "From the wrong side of the tracks" [the elevated train tracks?] Rossi, won't be that lucky - the lady ADA's have a mysterious way of leaving every so often.

But what to make of Farina's departure? We're not too upset, because while we enjoy Dennis Farina's acting, we never quite took to his Detective Joe Fontana, though we did dig his blowhard tactics. We think the choices for producer Dick Wolf are either another old veteran or even a female cop - think Cagney or Lacey!

And we remember Govich from being the duplicitous hooker on Rescue Me (poor Lou!) and Gaby, the granola-y girl who breaks up with Tom on the first episode of Love Monkey (yes, we love Love Monkey, too).