While this graffiti stencil caught by callalillie captures the mystique of Detectives Goren and Eames of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, it turns out that there needs to be an addition. Chris Noth, aka Detective Mike Logan from Law & Order's first five seasons, will be a permanent cast member of Criminal Intent this fall. He and Vincent D'Onofrio will be splitting the episode load as lead detectives on the case (D'Onofrio has had some exhaustion-related absences). Gothamist is excited about Noth's return; our only request: Lose the alcohol bloat and put cucumbers on your eyes. But we're also curious if the Mike Logan character will lend itself to be as Sherlock Holmes-ish, as Goren is supposed to be. Anyway, we'll get our chance to see how Noth fares on Criminal Intent, as his guest appearance will air this weekend. Now, where's the Jerry Orbach stencil?

And speaking of Law & Order, tonight's episode of L&O-straight up is ripped from the Bill O'Reilly headlines.