2007_02_degrassi.jpgParents of Brooklyn Tech students, watch out! MTV is casting a pilot about a regular teen's life in Brooklyn - and the show is catchily named "Brooklyn." MTV wants Brooklyn Tech sophomores and juniors. Not only does the Brooklyn Tech High School News explain that those interested can sign up in Room 7E4, but also why Brooklyn is so hot:

With 2.6 million people packed in Brownstones, tenements and multi-unit apartment complexes, Brooklyn is a jumble of cultures, creeds and economic strata. A cross between Harlem in its heyday and Paris, Brooklyn is the ultimate city within a city. In fact, if it weren't already incorporated into New York City, Brooklyn would be the third biggest city in the country. It's said that one out of every six Americans has had a parent or grandparent who lived in Brooklyn at some point.

With that said, there is only one school in all of Brooklyn that represents all of those people, and that is Brooklyn Tech High School. BTHS does not only represent the people of Brooklyn, it also offers the inspiration, education, values and glimmer of hope that all the other public schools are lacking.

We bet Marty Markowitz is readying his teen slang! [Via brooklyn enthusiast]

We know it's unlikely, but we pray MTV's Brooklyn Tech show is 30% as good as Degrassi Junior High. Also, Jason Jones' "Daily Show at Laguna Beach" segments from last night and Monday have been brilliant (part 1 on YouTube; you can find part 2 somewhere on the Comedy Central site).