Luis Fonsi's crossover hit "Despacito" is unbeatable right now, whether you like the OG version or prefer the one with the Biebs. But the true Song of the Summer was revealed this week when Sesame Street released their version of the track—this time, sung by Ernie, about his rubber duckie. It is magical:

Sesame Street has been doing bomb musical parodies since the dawn of time—I was a big fan of "Cereal Girl," "Kids Just Love To Brush" and "Hip To Be A Square" back in the day—but there's something extra special about this one. First of all, it taught me (and many children, I assume) that the Spanish word for rubber duckie is "patito." It is just as snappy and dance-ready as the real Despacito, it speaks of true love between a muppet and his bath toy, and Bert speaks for all of us when he's initially exhausted by hearing the song yet again but still learns to love it in the end.

It's unclear whether the Sesame Street version references slowly undressing the rubber duckie, lavishing its body with kisses, and surpassing its danger zones, but love is love.

If you crave more bopping plush monsters, earlier this summer Sesame Street released a full mashup of '80s hits and it has changed my life. Yes, I am nearly 28. Yes, I know my generation refuses to grow up, BUT I DON'T CARE YOU CAN'T MAKE ME.