In the wake of The Real Housewives series and Jersey Shore, reality TV has attempted to shine the spotlight on any sex-crazed community in the city, from Bay Ridge to Brighton Beach. Now, they've turned their attention toward the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, focusing on members who have left—including "Hasid Hottie" Pearlperry Reich, who we guess will be their Snooki.

“My main purpose is to create a positive Judaism,” the aspiring model and mother of four told the Post. “And it would be a really good opportunity for me to get my face out there.” Above, you can see a recent clip from Dr. Phil featuring Reich and new boyfriend/fellow cast member Shauli Grossman (now an avowed atheist). The show, Shunned, is being shopped to networks currently—and while it'll deal with the Hasidic community and the cast members divorces/introduction into the secular world, they'll be plenty of relationship stuff—and inevitably, sex.

Another cast member, 26-year-old Luzer Twersky, grew up in the Belz and Satmar sects in Borough Park—now he works in the fashion industry and fetishizes bacon (“When I had the first bite, I felt angry. I felt how could my parents keep this from me?”). He watches Star Wars ("I saw Star Wars for the first time last year. It’s interesting. At least now I can understand what people are talking about; ‘May the force be with you.’ ”) and is in a committed relationship with a blond, Irish-Catholic girl from Arkansas. “She’s as shiksa as they come,” he said. “She’s f---king awesome!”

The show is looking to add a fourth cast member—we can think of at least one eligible former Orthodox reggae superstar who might fit the bill.