On Presidents' Day, we are going to exercise our executive power to tell you what shows to go see. Here's our vision of the state of the rock 'n' roll union this week:

wolfmother.jpgTonight Gothamist will be at the Mercury Lounge, grooving to Australian band Wolfmother's heavy, heady mix of Queens of the Stone Age psychedelia and White Stripes rawk. They're pictured at left in all their wolfy glory. Garage rockers Black Lips open.

Tuesday the wonderful alt-country rocker Bobby Bare Jr. returns to the Mercury Lounge. Minneapolis' Kid Dakota opens, playing beautiful pop that took our breath away a couple of CMJs ago, bringing to mind both Radiohead and John Vanderslice. If we weren't planning on spilling our beer at that show we'd most certainly be checking out angelic-voiced Edith Frost at Joe's Pub, as we'd pay to hear her sing the phone book.

Damn, Gothamist sure is busy this week. We're going three for three and heading to Pianos on Wednesday for Mussels, who traffic in old-school indie rock. They're headlining over the iO's, who start the first night of their three-week residency.

yyys.jpgThe Yeah Yeah Yeahs (at right), whose second full-length is about to leak all over aroused hipsters any second now, start their highly anticipated three-night stand Thursday at Maxwell's, with the awesome Blood on the Wall. Friday both bands hit the Bowery Ballroom, and Saturday the Yeahs are back at Bowery with country rockers Oakley Hall, who are always worth seeing. No question, these are the shows of the week. Beg, borrow, or feel someone up to get in. Other interesting shows on Friday include lo-fi cult figure Ariel Pink at the Knitting Factory with Psychic Ills, and crazy percussioneers Man Man at Northsix.

Indie-pop heaven awaits Saturday night if you can get into into the sold-out Stars show at Webster Hall. Failing that, you may want to take a chance and check out St. James Band at Mercury Lounge. We've heard good things from our illustrious editor.

Hey, free music! How about that?

Kid Dakota, "10,000 Lakes"
Blood on the Wall, "Mary Susan"
Oakley Hall, "Landlord"

Let us know in the comments what we missed....