Pickings this week are slimmer than last month's turkey. If your Christmukkah party schedule allows, give yourself an early present and forage for some rock and roll scraps.

spinto.jpgMonday kicks things off with Spin magazine's Year in Music Party at Rothko, with We Are Scientists, the Spinto Band (at left), and the Five O'Clock Heroes. Of course, it's a private party, so you'll have to call in a favor or two or be creative at the door. You can do that, right? If you are a big loser with no connections (like me), Gothamist advises checking out fun schizo rock band Mixel Pixel at Knitting Factory, even though Single Frame sadly cancelled due to "bad luck" on the road.

Tuesday's must-see r-o-c-k is at the Delancey, where Bad Wizard will bury you in rock. Be ready to boogie down to AC/DC-sized riffs. Also gracing the stage will be the Witnesses. It's been a while since the bloggers were buzzing about Saints and Lovers, but you know how fickle they are. Hear them tonight at Pianos, with fake Japanese pop band Gaijin a Go-Go.

sunn.jpgWednesday is Big Decision Day. A good bet is the John Waters Christmas at Bowery Ballroom, with the Trachtenburg Family Sideshow Players and Kimya Dawson. But it sounds like Sunn 0:))) (at right) are actually gunning for some of the John Waters crowd, as they brag on their website about having "successfully made audience members instantly nauseous, or better yet run for the toilet in terror." They bring their heavy drone rock, with robes, to the Knitting Factory tonight.

If you missed the Spinto Band at the Spin party, journey to Southpaw to catch them Thursday. That "Oh Mandy" song alone is worth the price of admission. So dreamy. Or tonight might be the time to check out Fat Baby as a venue if you haven't already, as blues dude TK Webb plays there with Kapow!, Silent City, and Slowlands.

Will anyone still be in town on Friday? Not many bands will. And forget about Saturday. But Sunday is the first night of Yo La Tengo's annual eight-night run of Hanukkah shows at Maxwell's, which are always amazing, intimate yet fully rocking. See if Craigslist can help you out of the sold-out jam.

Some appetizers:

Mixel Pixel, "I Am the Contact Kid"
Spinto Band, "Oh Mandy"
TK Webb, "KCK #2"
Sunn 0))), "It Took the Night to Believe"
Bad Wizard, "Loosen Up"

Did I miss anything? Feel free to enlighten the people in the comments.