As the holiday countdown continues, this part of Gothamist has noticed that the number of major national touring acts has dwindled. All those midwestern indie-rockers had to get back to the Mall of America and finish up their shopping. Luckily, this is New York, where there are no malls, but there are hundreds of bands eager to play for indifferent ears no matter the season. This week, here's who should be on your list:

Instrumental powerhouse Explosions in the Sky is the hottest ticket in town this week, with two sold-out shows at the Bowery on Monday (with Wilderness) and Wednesday (with Lichens). Maybe Craigslist can help you score a ticket, if your ticket karma is good.

diamondnights_promoshot.jpgTuesday, up-and-coming cock rockers Diamond Nights (at right), who give Gothamist the tight pants as well as showing us theirs, are at the Bowery with the almost-metalheads Giraffes—and two other opening bands, wow. For a more down-home flavor, former street musicians the Boggs are at Mercury Lounge. We've been hearing good things about this band forever.

Craigslist probably didn't get you anywhere with those Explosions in the Sky tickets, so on Wednesday, head to Rothko, where the Comas will serve you well with their pretty, pensive indie rock. It will envelop you in a warm, fuzzy blanket of rock.

On Thursday, Insound's holiday party will probably be more fun than your stuffy office soiree, with sets from the sublimely funky Baby Dayliner, Pela, and Foreign Islands at Scenic. Meanwhile, one of the city's best bands, Blood on the Wall, will tear up the Knitting Factory with their killer tunes, recalling the greatness of bands like Sonic Youth and the Pixies. Fans of Liars may wish to investigate No Things at Mo Pitkins — it's their old rhythm section's newish band.

What with the recent outpouring of love for Juliana Hatfield, Gothamist is hesitant to poke even the gentlest of fun at her former drug buddy Evan Dando's band. And yet: The Lemonheads will gently rock the Bowery Ballroom Friday and Saturday. Find out once and for all if Evan has gotten his shit together. Your shot of lemon-flavored nostalgia will not come cheap, however, at $25 a pop. Gothamist recommends saving a few bucks and journeying to the Hook for We Are Wolves, a promising electropunk band out of Montreal (again with the wolves!).

palomar.jpgWho doesn't love girls with guitars? See three of them in one band on Saturday, when Palomar (at left) brings their hooky, harmonic indie rock to the Mercury Lounge. These girls (and one boy, on drums) are always a joy to behold. If you missed We Are Wolves last night, hunt them down at Sin-e tonight.

Sunday you can take a breather. Maybe catch up on your holiday shopping if you hold truck with the capitalist machine.

A few gifts for you:

The Comas, "The Science of Your Mind"
The Giraffes, "Having Fun"
Foreign Islands, "Fine Dining With the Future"
We Are Wolves, "Little Birds"
No Things, "Tears for Time Lost"