Last chance for Brokeback jokes and the Pita's Music Picks: Unlike Ennis, we know how to quit you. Next time it'll be someone else's picks. See you in the clubs![Ed. Note - This is Catherine's last week on the music roundup-- thanks, Catherine!]

We have never set foot inside Avalon, and we suspect tonight may be many Mogwai fans' first foray into the club, too. This is the first show that's come up on our radar since they got a good rock booker over there (hi Chris!); let us know what it's like, kids.

Novelty show of the week is Phish-loving Hasidic reggae-rapper Matisyahu and an entity called Balkan Beat Box at Hammerstein. We kind of think this dude's for suckers, but your mileage may vary.

weddoes.jpgFinally, a show we can actually recommend with a full-to-bursting heart: Wednesday the smart money's on the Wedding Present (left) and their wall of guitars at Bowery. This is the kind of band that brings out lots of old guys, but those are the crowds we like best anyway. The hip young things will be checking out the sweet pop of Nada Surf and Rogue Wave at Webster Hall, which ain't a bad gig, either.

Thursday we highly suggest heading to the Mercury Lounge for Blood on the Wall, a fierce, Pixies-esque band that just opened for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They rock. Get there in time for the Boggs, who got a lot of critical love a few years ago and have a new album coming out soon. At Northsix, it's the Rogers Sisters and Celebration. And we'd love to see heavy punk band Part Chimp open up for the Oxford Collapse at the Knitting Factory, too.

lessavy.jpgFriday you've gotta go see Les Savy Fav's spastic indie-punk at Warsaw. We've seen them like 20 times and never get sick of Tim Harrington's retarded antics, whether he's climbing the walls of the venue, stripping to his skivvies, or crowd-surfing on an old mattress. Kinda hope he sucks someone's foot again (right). Anyone with a clue who's opening? It's a shame we'll have to miss The Boy Least Likely To at that R&R place. Love their bouncy twee pop.

Still haven't gotten around to listening to the Hot Chip on our iPod, but all the kids say it's great. They're at Bowery on Saturday. We looooove Swearing at Motorists, though. Singer Dave Doughman is a deep-voiced dynamo in concert, accompanied only by his drummer. They're at Northsix with Love As Laughter.

There are plenty more shows going on, too. Leave your own picks in the comments. Hasta la vista, babies!

Mogwai, "Folk Death 95"
Les Savy Fav, "The Sweat Descends"
Blood on the Wall, "On My Mouth"
Swearing at Motorists, "Northern Line"