Hey, happy Chinese New Year, everyone! Time to drive out the old spirits of the past year and welcome the good spirits of the new year. The Chinese do this with explosions and fireworks; we'll do it rock-style, with extremely loud noises. Such as:

deerhoof.jpgThe week starts out with a bang on Monday, with the magically delicious, occasionally unsettling experimental rock of Deerhoof (at left) at Bowery. Instead of traditional opening bands, the show will present a multimedia extravaganza of sorts, with modern dance by Starter Set, short films by Martha Colburn, music/poetry/theater/sculpture by Le Ton Mite, and then, according to Deerhoof, "our friend Tomas from France who I think is going to play classical guitar and tap dance." How will the hipsters react to tap-dancing? Should be a show like no other.

If ever there were a record label whose latest signings Gothamist is automatically interested in, it's Frenchkiss, home of top-notch bands like Les Savy Fav, the Hold Steady, and now the Plastic Constellations. This Minneapolis band has been around the block a few times (as many times as you can get around in 10 years) and promise "a lot of sweat, movement, flailing, and the occasional onstage vomit" during their set. Rock on, dudes. They play the Knitting Factory on Tuesday.

Gothamist's own Jen Carlson and music-biz blogger Coolfer bring you the inaugural Shake Your Halo party at Fat Baby on Wednesday. Bands downstairs include Bravo Silva, Overnight, and Nepo, and upstairs you can get cheap happy-hour drinks before 9 whilst chatting up the bloggerati and listening to Craig Wedren and Michael Jurin (of Stellastarr) on DJ duty.

On Thursday, Young People bring their spare, somber Americana to Knitting Factory, along with "fundustrial" noise rockers Ex-Models and drone-loving avant-gardists Growing.

Low had a tumultuous 2005, with health problems, canceled tours, and lineup changes weighing on the band. Their album, on the other hand, was a triumph, delivering a more accessible, rocked-up sound than the "slowcore" tag they'd become known for. The band can be nothing short of revelatory live. They're at Southpaw Friday night with His Name Is Alive.

rahim-1.jpgAnother Frenchkiss band (who sound sort of Dischordant, actually), Rahim (at right), plays a packed night at Cake Shop on Saturday, with Professor Murder headlining. Other Passengers, Soft, and Levy round out the bill, though not necessarily in that order. Is there a reason the club has apparently stopped listing their shows on their website? Just curious. If that's too much uncertainty for you, get your dark, moody rock fix from Calla at Northsix.

Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis just released her first solo album, a twangy, soulful affair called "Rabbit Fur Coat" recorded with the Watson Twins. Gothamist is majorly jealous of anyone going to see her at the Angel Orensanz Center for the Arts on Sunday. Who wants to hook a sistah up (for less than a hundred bucks a pop)?

Prime yourself:

The Plastic Constellations, "Iron City Jungles"
Young People, "Ne'er Do Well"
Ex Models, "That's Funny, I Don't Feel Like a Shithead"
Rahim, "10,000 Horses"
Professor Murder, "Champion"