Gothamist is feeling a bit under the weather today, literally and figuratively, so we'll just get straight to it, if you don't mind:

Monday it's singer-songwriter night at Bowery Ballroom, with Vic Chesnutt, David Bazan (of Pedro The Lion), Mark Eitzel, and Will Johnson (of Centro-Matic) all playing each other's songs together, as the Undertow Orchestra. That's a lot of emoting on one stage, folks. For the ultimate in lameness, check out INXS at Avery Fisher Hall, sporting new sensation J.D. Fortune, who won a reality-show contest to get the lead-singer gig.

wu.jpgAh, Valentine's Day. You thought you had it all lined up. You were going to see Cat Power at Town Hall. And then the scaredy cat went and canceled her tour. Perhaps that is for the best — at a recent Paris show, she could barely stop apologizing long enough to get through an entire song. How embarrassing. But praise Big Baby Jesus (RIP), the reunited Wu-Tang Clan (at left) is performing at Hammerstein Ballroom! How romantic. Or you may want to investigate Report Suspicious Activity at the Knitting Factory Tap Bar, featuring J. Robbins of Burning Airlines and Jawbox.

On Wednesday, if we feel like being hip, we'll hit up the Black Wire and Foreign Islands show at the Mercury Lounge. Word is the Kaiser Chiefs wrote "I Predict a Riot" after a Black Wire gig. If we're feeling more mellow, Gothamist will probably be at the Living Room with the Autumn Defense, featuring Wilco's John Stirratt.

celebration.jpgThursday, thanks to multiple corrections sent in by eagle-eyed readers (post yours in the comments!) we can only recommend the dramatic postpunk of Celebration (at right) with the Hong Kong at Rothko. No decisions necessary!

On Friday (and Saturday), Wilderness bring their bombastic art rock to Cake Shop. This band is good. Too good to be playing basements, really. Meanwhile, Dirty on Purpose headline Northsix, and bring along country rockers Oakley Hall.

Saturday we're all about the spastic punk of We Are Wolves. At Northsix. You should be too.

Sunday you can rest as God intended. Or you could brave the scene at Motherfucker to see the New York Dolls. But we don't think God would like that too much.

God likes free and legal mp3s, though. Just like everyone does.

The Hong Kong, "Not Getting Better"
Foreign Islands, "Ghost Story"
Wilderness, "Emergency"
We Are Wolves, "La Nature"