Move over Brooklyn Vegan, now there's something leaner. And tastier, too. Mmmm, meat. Hello, I'm Catherine's Pita (henceforth known as Gothamist), and I'm here to tell you about the shows most likely to satisfy your hunger for the rock this week. Here's what's on the menu:

2005_12_artsdouble.jpgMonday starts things off with a bloody slew of interesting shows. Seattle will most certainly be in the house at the Knitting Factory (and Tuesday at Northsix) as Pretty Girls Make Graves join forces with the Double [at right] and slept-on Canadian rockers Tangiers (on the ultimate in cool record labels, French Kiss) for a triple bill of rock rock rock. Seriously, get there early. (The bands are all at Northsix on Tuesday, as well.) For those who can't handle the loud guitars, there's Iron and Wine and Calexico at Webster Hall to provide you with pretty, gently plucked guitars and melodies, with a little sassy Latin flava to dress things up (courtesy of Calexico). Perhaps there will even be a fun free-for-all jam session, considering their recent-ish collabo. Over at Nokia Theater, blonde discotech goddess Alison Goldfrapp will thrill a thousand-plus Livejournallers and ex-ravers with her eponymous band's sexy mix of glam-rock, funk, and electronica. We at Gothamist say, dance! It's good for you. Don't forget your glittery makeup.

2005_12_artscontroller.jpgIf you couldn't get a sitter last night, Iron and Wine and Calexico are back at Web Hall on Tuesday. Disco punks Controller.Controller [at right] rock Cake Shop for the first of three shows this week. As a plus, they're Canadian, so you know they have to be good. Speaking of our neighbor to the north, Islands are a semi-new band formed by a couple of guys in the late, lamented Unicorns. They play the Knitting Factory tonight. It might get wacky.

On hump day, Gothamist guesses you could go see Juliana Hatfield at Maxwell's, but let's face it, her moment has passed. We wish her well—perhaps a spot on The O.C. if she's lucky. Those kids must play spin the bottle at some point, right? Maybe you should save your energy, and get back on the wagon for a night, whydontcha? Or, in case you missed Controller.Controller last night, descend to the basement of Lit to catch them tonight.

Thursday is the last sludgy day before the weekend, so it makes sense to go check out some stoner rock with Dead Meadow and J. Mascis's new hard-rock band, Witch, at Bowery Ballroom. If you still haven't seen Controller.Controller, check them out at Pianos tonight with the Deadly Snakes.

2005_12_artsblingkong.jpgFinally, the weekend! The cute brothers of Marah will bring their earnest Springsteen worship (not that there's anything wrong with that) and Christmas songs to Irving Plaza, while Bling Kong [at right] will haul their three drummers and cheerleading squad to Northsix. Party on with them and Guns 'n' Roses tribute band Mr. Brownstone if you know what's good for you. L.A. punk icons X are at the dreaded Roseland with the aforementioned Juliana Hatfield, and weirdo psych-folk band Grizzly Bear will puzzle and maybe please some people at Tonic.

Saturday, the Fucking Champs show us their riffs at Northsix. Bring your metal friends; they'll be impressed. If you're in the mood for more hushed, otherworldly folk, check out Akron/Family at Tonic. They're supposed to be killer live.

On Sunday there is no question. You will go see Explosions in the Sky and Wilderness, instrumental virtuosos both, at Bowery Ballrooom. It will be awesome. Or, if you are a Sufjan Stevens fan, you might be going to see Laura Veirs and her haunting folk at the Mercury Lounge. That will be acceptable also. Oh, and Fiona Apple is at the Nokia Theatre. Is she still feeling like a criminal? Let us know in the comments if you go.

Would you care for some free (and legal) appetizers? Oh yes, you would:

Controller.Controller, "Watch"
The Double, "Idiocy"
Tangiers, "Dragging the Harbor"
Dead Meadow, "I Love You Too"
The Deadly Snakes, "Gore Veil"
Bling Kong, "Bling Kong Girls"
Grizzly Bear, "Fix It"
Wilderness, "Arkless"