A great thing to do during the holidays is turn off your work screen, and turn on your entertainment screen. So log out of email, loosen your belt, and sink into the couch—it's time to watch all that stuff you never have time to watch. Below, some carefully chosen courses for your screen-binge.

CHEF (2014)

Recently the movie Chef came up in the office, as someone mentioned that all parents, for whatever reason, LOVE this movie. But after watching it I can say that even non-parents will love this movie. And better yet: it's completely safe to watch WITH parents over the holidays. And another bonus: there's a scene that will explain Twitter to your parents, should they still not "get it." Boiled down, it's a feel-good flick centered around a food truck, starring Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, and John Leguizamo (who really shines throughout).

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Are you listening to the Serial podcast? If you aren't, then stop reading this now and just go do that during your time off. If you are, then you know it's taking a week off, so here's your perfect companion binge. For additional insight into how seemingly solved mysteries can become unraveled and unsolved again, check out The Staircase, an 8-part documentary about what became known as The Staircase Murders, revolving around American novelist Michael Peterson and his wife Kathleen. Do yourself a favor, don't Google anything. Then, when you're done, Google everything, especially the [redacted] theory that came out in 2009.

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It's got Metro-North, awkward family moments, the suburbs, and terrible weather... and it all takes place during Thanksgiving week of 1973. Forget those cozy, fictional Hallmark holiday movies, this thing is real-feel. Except your parents probably aren't going to key parties.

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There are similar rules to watching Love Actually every holiday season as there are to having a Christmas tree inside your home every holiday season. You can watch once Thanksgiving hits, and you must promptly discard after January 1st. So we are now entering that sweet spot of the year when you can watch this movie again (and probably again a few times after that) while cuddled up next to your tree, basking in its glowing, twinkling light. It's the perfect holiday comfort movie, even your boyfriend who you drag to Anthropologie every Sunday will love tolerate it!

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