Brooklyn Bridge Park has now been added to the Panorama of the City of New York, the massive yet miniature city housed at the Queens Museum of Art. Click through for a look at the latest addition to the 9,335-square-foot model, which was commissioned by Robert Moses (though it was physically built by a team of 100 people) in 1964 for the World's Fair.

The museum has been adding one to two new structures each year since 2009, and this morning they told us, "Prior to yesterday’s installation of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, the last addition was Battery Park City in April 2010 which added 25 new structures to the Panorama. In April 2010, we added the Flushing Meadows Corona Skate Park, and in April 2009 the Mets sponsored the addition of Citified."

The model also includes every single building constructed before 1992, in all five boroughs—a total of 895,000 individual structures. And through May 20th there are even 15 fantastical islands in the panorama's "rivers."

And now is a good time to remind you that you can still OWN a building on the panorama—with apartments going for the very reasonable price of $50, and neighborhoods and parks selling for $2,500. This money goes towards additions to the panorama, like this one of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

UPDATE: For those wondering about the status of the Twin Towers on the panorama, the answer is here.