Starting today and through the weekend, New Yorkers can enjoy another kind of World Cup, as fencers invade NYC for the 2010 Federation Internationale D'Escrime World Cup. The competition will feature 367 world-class swordwielders from over 20 countries and three disciplines: men's sabre, women's sabre, and women's foil.

According to a US Fencing Association press release, big names that will grace the fencing strip include world's No. 1 in women's sabre Mariel Zagunis of Beaverton, Oregon and four-time Olympian Luigi Tarantino of Italy. New York's high profile has attracted more buzz for the event than in past years, with 350 people having signed up to watch so far (apparently for fencing, that's a ton). We had a good laugh when French fencer Ujlaky Virginie, 26, told the NY Daily News that she "had heard of Brooklyn from watching episodes of Law and Order." We bet she also heard about the Bronx from watching Jennifer Lopez music videos.

Though many experienced, foreign fencers are in attendance, the American team comprises mostly young athletes. However, their raw talent is not to be underestimated: Flatlands native and Stuyvesant High School senior Nzingha Prescod is a two-time world champion in her age group for women's foil. Just accept your inadequacy, already.

The 2010 FIE World Cup will take place from June 18-20 at the Brooklyn Marriott (333 Adams St. near Willoughy Street, (718) 246-7000). Admission is free. For details, visit