It looks like model-"actor" Michael Bergin has taken the tried-and-true route to attempt to go from out-of-work himbo back to top-of-mind himbo by shilling his relationship with Carolyn Bessette Kennedy - one that continued while she was still married to JFK Jr. The Post article about Bergin's new book, The Other Man: JFK Jr., Carolyn Bessette & Me and A&E special, The Other Man, is actually kind of nutty, detailing how Carolyn was always crying and insistent they continue their affair and how he loved her, because the age-old question of "If you loved her so much, why can't you leave her memory alone?" comes to mind. The Post's last sentences speak volumes:

Weeping before the A&E cameras, Bergin recalled how he lovingly paid one final tribute to his lover. Taking his cue from an ancient Hawaiian custom, Bergin said, he borrowed a friend's surfboard and paddled out into the ocean at sunset to drop the fragrant petals of a lei in the dark waters.

Is it wrong to laugh when it's in the context of a death? There's something just unspeakably icky about Michael Bergin.