That Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie won't be out in theaters for another year, but it's already produced a wealth of behind-the-scenes material for its own making-of documentary. They turned the ridiculously clean streets of DUMBO into a 1980s garbage hellscape; they've encouraged cigarette smoking and subway rioting; and some poor extras were reportedly reduced to urinating on the subway tracks. Now, we've gotten another juicy glimpse at the movie behind the movie: someone spotted the original 1960s Batmobile (or a replica) on the movie's set!

The classic ride of the Caped Crusader, which was featured in the '60s TV show starring Adam West, was spotted being driven to the Joker set in Newark, NJ, where filming has been taking place in recent days. But what does it mean??? So far, we've been told that the Todd Phillips-directed film would be an '80s origin story for the Clown Prince of Crime, but there has been no mention of Batman making an appearance. Does that mean Batman already exists in this universe? Could it mean Batman is a fictional character in this universe? Or were producers just hoping to throw people off from the fact that Ben Affleck or Jon Hamm or, I don't know, Jared Leto would show up to play the Dark Knight?

You can check out a few more vids from the NJ filming below:

Phoenix-as-Joker was spotted holding a "SALE" sign and running down the street:

And a few days later, the Joker was spotted in the back of a police car with a much more classic Joker look to his makeup: