It's been well established that everyone in the as-of-now free world is rushing to read 1984, our handbook for surviving and understanding the dystopian landscape being created by President Gaslight. There's a book club, there are a lot of Amazon reviews, and Angela Montefinise of the New York Public Library tells us that they're fresh out of copies.

As of mid last week, the NYPL had 326 English copies of 1984, with 37 holds. They also have 40 Spanish copies, with 6 holds. This means all of their copies are checked out, and a waitlist has been started. In addition, the NYPL recently placed orders for 24 new copies of the book, to deal with the increase in demand. Their e-book numbers also showed growth, with 20 e-copies of the book and 107 holds on it. Montefinise says to have that many holds on a book indicates that there has been an increase in demand.

In December, there were 216 checkouts of the physical book, while in all of 2016 there were 1,542. The NYPL did not have numbers of checkouts for previous years.

Still, Fifty Shades of Grey had more holds when the books hit their height of popularity in 2012; at the time, the final book in the trilogy had 1,427 holds.

If you're on the waitlist, Lynn Lobash at the NYPL's Readers Services team recommends: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Memory of Water by Emmi Itäranta, or The Sunlight Pilgrims by Jenni Fagan. We recommend The Little Kitten and some wine.