The New York Public Library has just released their brand new Black Card, but instead of getting you in to debt, this thing has the power to fill you with knowledge. The limited edition card (they made 70,000) features the message "Knowledge Is Power," and NYPL President Anthony W. Marx explained why, saying:

"Public libraries have always been at the foundation of our democracy of informed citizens: we preserve and make accessible fact. We offer knowledge, education, and opportunity to all. Everyone is welcome in our spaces. We are the great equalizers. Armed with knowledge, all of us have the power to do anything. As we all strive to be active, productive members of civic society, it is so important to remember that knowledge is indeed power, and that we must be informed. Libraries are the place to do just that: to learn, to grow, and to strengthen ourselves and our communities. This special edition card shares that message, and serves as a reminder to visit your local library, get a card, and start your journey now."

You can start the application process online, but have to visit a branch to validate the card. It is available in any of the Library's 92 locations in Manhattan, The Bronx and Staten Island (Brooklyn and Queens have different library systems, but residents from those boroughs are of course welcome to get the new card).

Now is a good time to remind you of all of the things that your card can get you—to name a few: you can borrow books (including e-books), gain tickets to over 40 NYC cultural institutions via Culture Pass, you can check out hundreds of current newspapers and magazines, learn a new language, gain a career skill, prep for academic and professional exams, and stream about 30,000 films (including many from the Criterion Collection).