In order to make sure everyone knows how wacky New York is, the press descended upon Improv Everywhere's No Pants 2k6 ride yesterday afternoon. The NY Post, Daily News and Newsday - as well as the AP - all filed reports about pranksters trying to make people crack a smile on a subway during an otherwise routine Sunday afternoon. The press was probably disappointed there wasn't another transit strike, so this was a good second option ("Human interest angle - should people really wear pants if they don't want to? Or are your legs too winter-white?"). However, the police got involved, "detaining" some of the pantless (but not naked) and saying it was because "People couldn't get on and off the train and [the stunt] created a hazardous condition." Gothamist finds that NYPD claim to be BS, because if that really were the case, the NYPD should be arresting people at 59th Street Columbus Circle and tourists at Times Square on a very regular basis - they do not understand the unspoken subway contract of letting people GET OFF the subway car first before piling in.


Gothamist wonders if the various Improv Everywhere agents mentioned the Fake U2 concert to the NYPD; back then, the police seemed to find the joke funny, but a Korean "The Edge" will do that, we guess.

More comments from Improv Everywhere and more links on yesterday's post. Gothamist is having trouble with comments and trackbacks - we'll have them fixed ASAP so you can tell us what you saw while pantless what we spelled wrong.

Photographs from seanich's fabulous Flickr set