As you might have noticed, we've been "flooding the zone" with plenty of viral daggering content in the wake of Monday's exuberant West Indian Day parade. Previously on Gothamist Daggering 2012, you saw the old daggering man with the boner, the hot girl-on-girl daggering, and the quadruple decker team daggering. Now, to round out our coverage, here's classic NYPD daggering documentation.

The tipster who sent these photos, one JR, tells us, "The cop just basically stood there. Pretending to not care. But I know that he must've liked it though because he didn't move or anything." Of course not—moving away from a daggering is considered extremely rude in the daggering community. "The girl was dancing on him for about 30-45 seconds," our tipster adds. "There's actually another male cop on his left about 10 feet away who was smiling and looking at them. His face was priceless."

One Gothamist staffer who attended the parade tells us, "I can confirm that some women will do that to bystanders observing the parade. I was just standing there innocently when they started dancing on me." Indeed, these photos make the officer look like an innocent daggeree, not the proactive daggerer.

So yeah, this can't compete with last year's immortal NYPD daggering videos, but the expression on this woman's face is simply glorious. We're giving it 3 Daggers out of 5. And since it's Daggering Month at Gothamist, we're keeping the tips line open—send us all the daggering-related photos and videos you've got. (And special thanks to our sponsors at Dagwood Sandwiches!)