American Apparel mannequins sporting full bush. (Gothamist)

This week the NY Times has printed another article on the State Of The Pubic Hair, this time going all in. Following American Apparel's full bush mannequins, the Grey Lady is siding with Gwyneth, and calling the au natural look a trend. Does this sound familiar? The Lady has flip flopped for years on this issue, refusing to commit to a forever-look down there. Here are just a sample of examples from the 21st century:

January 29th, 2014: Below the Bikini Line, a Growing Trend
IN: "Lately, and perhaps to the relief of those who have undertaken the painful procedure, it seems that a fuller look is creeping back."

December 1st, 2013: For Women, a New Look Down Under
IN: "It’s worth noting that this look isn’t completely untamed, of course. Many women still attend to the sides and underneath. But there’s something refreshingly retro, delightfully expressive and confidently grown-up in getting back to nature."

April 10th, 2012: A He-Wax for Him
OUT (for him): "Lately guys’ grooming has gone one step further, deep into territory that was previously reserved solely for women: bikini waxing." Feel the pain, boys!

April 12th, 2010: Unshaven Women: Free Spirits or Unkempt?
IN?: "According to Ms. Palmer, women sometimes strike up conversations with her on the topic of body hair and tell her that they aren’t particularly wedded to shaving. But they 'don’t want to deal with the stares, and it’s the path of least resistance,' she added."

July 28th, 2008: Hair Dye (Down There)
IN (living color): In 2012 this pubic hair dye came out, and probably never took off because of the averse reactions one had to going down on a woman only to find a hot pink bush that smells of chemicals?

January 1st, 2006: Our Vaginas, Ourselves
OUT: "I have seen the future, and it is denuded. Pubic hair is out; the ubiquity of so-called Brazilian waxes, once the domain of porn stars and movie actresses, has ensured that this mossy covering is deemed no more than an aesthetic hindrance to the unfettered male gaze."

September 1st, 2005: The Revised Birthday Suit
OUT: "'I just decided I wanted to have it all off. Most guys I have dated prefer the totally bare look, and I hardly have any girlfriends who have any hair down there, either.' So far she has spent $2,500 on five laser treatments to permanently denude her bikini area."

August 19, 2003: Why Humans And Their Fur Parted Way
SCIENCE: "There are several puzzles for the new theory to explain. One is why, if loss of body hair deprived parasites of a refuge, evolution allowed pubic hair to be retained. Dr. Pagel and Dr. Bodmer suggest that these humid regions, dense with sweat glands, serve as launching pads for pheromones, airborne hormones known to convey sexual signals in other mammals though not yet identified in humans."

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