Dick Heinlein/Bettie Page Reveals All

If you Google Image Search "Bettie Page" you'll see a few nude photos of the classic pin-up gal... so calling these new nudes "rare" would be inaccurate. However, they have never before been seen, thanks to the police.

Fully nude, previously unpublished photos of Page are featured for the first time in a new documentary—Bettie Page Reveals All—which opens on the 22nd at the Village East. These photos were taken around 1952 by Dick Heinlein, who shot them at a "camera club" shoot in Westchester. Filmmaker Mark Mori explained to the the NY Post, “Before nude pictures could be [legally] published, there were these ‘camera clubs’ in dingy New York offices, where men could go to photograph girls. In some instances, 30 or 40 men would pay to take a field trip organized by the club." But on this field trip (which was also attended by Weegee), the police raided the woods and confiscated the film.

Heinlein managed to trick the coppers—who had their guns drawn on the group—showing them a "0" counter to make them believe he hadn't shot any photos yet. Check out the trailer below, in which he discusses the incident a little bit: