*Look, Gothamist wants to talk about The Apprentice. So there are spoilers. Stop reading.*


Last night, as Gothamist watched the finale of The Apprentice, we kept thinking that both Kelly and Jen M. were complete idiots and that both should be fired. Kelly couldn't manage his employees, whereas Jen seemed to miss the big picture of being the face of the project. And we hate to admit it, but Jen did a pretty good job of delegating tasks to the former Apprentice candidates working for her; it was a really brilliant idea for Mark Burnett and The Donald to bring back fired candidates from the middle of the pack, you know, kind of crappy people, versus people who would generally want to rise to the challenge, like Sandy or Kevin. And it was hilarious to see Tony Bennett in the guest-starring role as "old man who doesn't like poopy dressing rooms."

Anyway, back at the live event, we actually started to enjoy the succession of people (C-level types, one of Trump's COOs who couldn't string together a sentence except "I don't care much for Jen,") saying they would pick Kelly, but we could tell Kelly felt bad for Jen, who seemed to sink into her end of the couch. Gothamist is big on schadenfreude, but it's less satisfying when the person's soul is totally decimated, so it was good to see Jen crank it up in the final boardroom, acting all uppity and "top of my class at Princeton" blah. Hey, lady - last time we checked, magna cum laude wasn't the top of the class - summa sum laude was. Not that we're sticklers or anything. Kelly kept his cool, though Jen seemed to be very persuasive. Then The Donald shut Jen up, by saying, "It's time..."

He seemed to pause before saying, "Jennifer...you're fired." (Why do those words haunt Gothamist's mind?) And the audience erupted into cheers for Kelly. Now, The Donald has been saying that he had no idea who he would pick until thhat moment, but Gothamist says, "Gimme a break." When one of the leaders at Unilever, a multi-billion dollar consumer goods company, says, "Go with Kelly," you go with Kelly. All we have to say is thank God Kelly won, or else the Hellmouth would have opened.

Kelly was allowed to choose from helping The D develop a new luxury hotel and condo in Las Vegas (how apropos, given yesterday's Times' article) or helping work on Trump Place, Trump's Hudson waterfront project that is like a mini Trump City, with shiny buildings and his name all over the place, here in NYC. And Kelly, being a smart man, chose Trump Place, because it would allow him to work more closely with The Haired One (whereas last year's winner, Bill Rancic, is more of a face/PR move by Trump, it seems; Chicagoist on Rancic). Good move. Gothamist will be stalking you for that interview shortly.

What did you think of the hiring? Who should have made it further? Check out the application to be on the 4th (or 5th?) Apprentice. And Gothamist on The Apprentice.