In our never ending struggle to find more ways to piss away our time, we were browsing through some of the weird links the New York Times sticks waaaay down at the bottom of the left menu. That's when we happened to notice NYTimes Video, a huge arcihve of video shorts produced by Times staffers. There's lots of fun stuff down there-- one-minute movie reviews, David Pogue videoblogging at CES, recipes in Dining and Wine, Theatre Reviews, and even some local news. It's not quite NY1, but it's a good way to kill a half hour.

Related: check out this cool three minute video of someone running from Times Square Station to 32nd and Lex! Bonus-- the music is by Deep Dish. We've been finding tons of this weirdness on GoogleVideo-- try searching for NYC. Most of the clips are free, although they are said to be introducing pay-per-download pricing this week. Could Law&Order on demand be far behind? Also: no-one seems to have come through with suggestions for our NYC Videoblog link section-- right now we've only got Rocketboom down there. Surely there must be more top-notch Vloggers in NYC? Shout out a name!