2005_03_nyarch.jpgGothamist is giddy over finding the New York Architecture Game, because with all this talk of rich dudes trying to make their mark on the city gives us serious urban development envy.

Conceived by the world-renowned game designer Thomas Fackler, The New York Architecture Game challenges players as it explores the architectural feats that went into constructing 24 New York City landmarks, including the Empire State Building, the Guggenheim Museum, the New York Stock Exchange, and the Brooklyn Bridge. Both children and adults will find much to learn as they race to complete their projects first. Vastly entertaining, this game will give every architecture fan, including New Yorkers and others who think they know the city's beautiful buildings well, a new reason to fall in love with the world's most exciting city.

We hope there's a 2000's edition of the game that delves into the gentrification of Harlem, Park Slope, Meatpacking District, and the Lower East Side, plus the development of Ground Zero and the West Side area, complete with drinking games, but for the meantime, this will do.

And our thoughts on a West Side development drinking game: Drink if the Mayor talks about the stadium being necessary for the NYC 2012 Olympic bid; drink if the Jets accuse Cablevision of a monopoly; drink if Cablevision says the Jets are paying too little; drink if a mayoral hopeful says the city is paying too much; oh, the possibilities are endless, but chug the whole bottle if the MTA screws up the bidding process.