Photo: NY Post

Get those lips ready: The NY Post asks's Trish McDermott for tips when stalking someone to kiss on New Year's at midnight. According to McDermott, singles should focus on "the right kissing partner this New Year's Eve and then simply relax, have fun, experiment and be open to the possibility of something warm, inviting and absolutely fabulous." The first step is to put yourself in vicinity of kissable people (some function or party). Some of her other suggestions are:

• Freshen up. "Floss, gargle and brush well. Bad breath is unlikely to lead to a great kiss." [Or invest in Altoids or Listerine Pocket Paks]
• Don't ask, "Can I kiss you?" "Let your eyes, lips, music and the mood do the asking . . . Don't kiss someone against their will."
• Tongue? "Feel out the other person. There's fluttering, gentle testing rather than a forceful probing way to determine if a little French kissing would be welcome."

Our suggestion is, if you don't spot someone you'd want to kiss, make out with your drink – less chance of a indignant slap. But for all of you with sweeties, here's some makeout music from E! Online.

Ultimately, it's not a big deal if you're not kissing someone at midnight on New Year's. There are 525,599 other minutes in the year to kiss, so take that to heart singles (and all of you who won't be with your sweeties when it turns 2004), and use those minutes wisely. Gothamist on bars to make out in.