Whether you’ve spotted your future husband partying on Fire Island, jogging by the Hudson or in that club in Williamsburg, we have a secret for you. The hottie you were crushing on from afar but didn’t have the guts to talk to may not be lost forever.

There’s a new dating app in NYC that until now has been a bit hush hush (aka only a select few were on it). Now, it’s officially launched for everyone and it’s looking like a game changer.

In fact, Chappy is already getting over a million swipes a day in London and LA. It allows you to filter the normal things like age and distance, but it has a few tricks up it’s sleeve to help your quest.

1. It wastes less time. There is a sliding scale that lets you pick from #MrRight or #MrRightNow. Basically, you choose which mood you’re in and then you only see guys looking for the same thing as you. No more awkward ‘what are you looking for’ chats.

2. It’s less sleazy. All photos must have a face (no more headless torsos). Turns out, it’s much easier to spot your gorgeous mystery man when he has a face!

3. It’s more genuine. Chappy accounts must be verified via Facebook, making it a safer and more transparent platform for gay dating.


Chappy was co-founded by three guys from London in 2016 and it’s since been backed by women-make-the-first-move Bumble. Co-founder Ollie said “Our users know which guys are seeking the same thing as them, putting them five steps ahead of the conversations they’re having on other platforms.” “It cuts awkwardness and time-wasting in an age where guys’ lives are busier than ever.”

So, it’s time to fix that missed connection and get his number! Download Chappy nowto connect with your new Mr. Right - or Mr. Right Now.

P.S. Here’s a funny video that highlights how Chappy is different:

This post is brought to you by Chappy.