Hugh Jackman in The Boy From Oz

The bitchiest NY theater critic in town, Michael Riedel at the Post, asks a panel of "four cranky New York drama critics" (no word if Riedel is one of them) what they are dreading this new theater season. Some priceless excerpts:

On Little Shop of Horrors
Critic No. 2: "Every high school and community theater has done 'Little Shop.' People know what they're going to get. It's cheeseburger theater. It's for people who go to the Olive Garden."

On The Boy From Oz (starring Hugh Jackman as Austrailian performer Peter Allen - check out the tuneful, Hughful website)
Critic No. 1: "Honestly, does anybody know who Peter Allen is anymore? I guess I'm curious about Jackman. He's a likeable guy. He's got the Q factor - 'Q' for queer, I guess."

On Taboo (musical by Boy George, produced by Rosie O'Donnell)
Critic No. 2: "There are some really catchy tunes and I'm glad to see Rosie is putting her money where her mouth is. God knows she's been sending people to a lot of bad shows over the years."
Critic No. 4: "Boy George was famous for about 21/2 minutes in 1982. I never liked him and I certainly didn't think I'd grow up to see him on Broadway."

Gothamist likes Hugh Jackman in anything, even crappy movies with Ashley Judd or Meg Ryan, 'cause he's so cool as Wolverine, so we're intrigued by The Boy From Oz. We wonder when David Gest (another ex o' Liza) will get his musical.