Gothamist has already ranted about Will & Grace being like the millennial Love Boat, with their parade of guest stars. But the truth is, Will & Grace is a guilty pleasure because we still watch sometimes while it sucks. The guest stars are fun, and the upcoming prospect of Edie Falco and Chloe Sevigny guest-starring is too good. From Zap2It:

In the episode, Will and Grace decide to expand their recent business venture of buying run-down apartments, rehabbing them and then selling them for a nice profit -- a practice known as "flipping" -- to New York's East Side. When they do, they run up against a pair of lesbian real-estate speculators (Falco and Sevigny) who don't like the newcomers invading their turf. Lesbians! Real estate! Comedy gold!

Chloe and Edie sound like Power Lesbians. Chloe played a lesbian in If These Walls Could Talk 2.