The new fall TV season has started, and it's almost as if Gothamist didn't notice. We can't say for sure if it's that we're used to the hundreds of cable channels that are catered to our whims, our love for DVDs, or spending too much time blogging, but the new fall season just seems like a formality. Seinfeld came on in the midseason, as did Twin Peaks; Melrose Place was the first big summer premiere in the 90s, and now HBO has taken the idea of seasons and thrown them out the door. Nah, what we liked best about the new season so far are the withering reviews, like this bit from Brian Lowry's Variety review of Jack and Bobby (registration required): "Jack, it becomes clear, will toughen Bobby, while Bobby's gentleness provokes warmth and protectiveness in his older brother. (This will come as news to younger brothers such as myself, who were regularly used as circus props and battering rams.)" Surprisingly, the Washington Post's Tom Shales liked Heather Locklear and Blair Underwood in LAX, calling it "good trash." Gothamist preferred low culture's take on other venues for airport TV drama.

And clearly Gothamist is trapped in a bizarro world when the new shows we're looking forward to are both on the UPN: Veronica Mars, because we too wanted to be a detective in high school, and Kevin Hill, because you can't go wrong with Taye Diggs, Patrick Breen, Michael Michele, and an "angry-looking infant with hoop earrings" as the NY Times' Virginia Heffernan put it. Lost on ABC does look interesting, if only because there's Matthew Fox, whose tortured Charlie Salinger we have missed. (The returning shows we're eagerly awaiting - Law & Order, The O.C. and Joan of Arcadia...Scrubs returned last week, but who knew?)

But it's possible that no season opener will top Oprah's first episode of her 19th season: The footage of the screaming women when it was revealed that all 276 studio audience members got cars as a gift reminded us of the SNL sketch where the fans go totally insane (see SNL Revealed!, scroll to #7, from Whatevs). This is why Oprah is all powerful: Companies will give her stuff to hype...Gothamist wants to know how many Pontiac G6 will be sold after this stunt. [More from Ron Mwangaguhunga]

We love Zap2It's 2004 Fall Season guide and will be reading Television Without Pity to at least know what's happening on shows we don't watch. And there tends to be some good gossip on Defamer.

What are you watching this season?