We're all super-stoked about the summer 2012 blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises—from what we can tell, based on all the filming around NYC this fall, it must be a documentary focusing on the dark underbelly of street closings. This week, everyone's been talking about the six-minute prologue, focusing on new villain Bane, which has been attached certain IMAX screeningssome have said it "will have your jaw drop," while others have complained about Bane's voice. Now, it's been revealed that a new trailer for the film will accompany Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, opening on Friday. But thanks to the internet, you can watch a leaked version of the trailer below!

It's shaky obviously, but it has got us very excited. Highlights include first looks at Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt; a look at what appears to be a mustachioed, recuperating Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale); Bane (Tom Hardy) destroying a football field; the Batwing in action; and Bane's chilling line to Batman, "With Gotham in ashes, you'll have my permission to die." Hopefully we'll get a high-quality version soon!

Update: The video has been taken down after requests from Warner Bros. But for those who haven't seen it yet, there's always Google!