While researching the Barbie and Ken breakup, Gothamist was struck by a few things:
- Supposed new love interest for Barbie, "Blaine," sounds like a loser as well...not to mention gay.
- Who knew that one of Barbie's alter-egos was Modern Barbie, which is Barbie as an "independent film producer with a flair for fashion and a crush on Ken, a brooding artist with super stylin' colored hair streaks and a 'thing' for Melody, the bright blue haired sweetheart." Uh oh - love triangle! Gothamist doesn't understand the various parallel worlds Barbie is able to live in. Typically, though, the black Barbie, "Simone," just gets the description, "an exotic makeup artist who's always dressed to impress." Exotic! Ha!
- Kids don't need a 101 on Tragic Movie Stars' Lives with James Dean or Marilyn Monroe dolls, do they? They can watch E! or Entertainment Tonight for the Robert Downey Jr. and Courtney Love updates, can't they?
- We can't tell if Fashion Insider Ken is gay or just metrosexual.